Sulh presents: Visions of Southeast Asian Music

Come celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month with Sulh in an afternoon of music from Southeast Asia by the Sulh Ensemble. Music will include selections from Classical gong chime ensembles (Piphat, Gamelan, Kulintang); the Folk Music of various ethnic groups (e.g. Zapin of Malay Muslims, Mor Lam of the Isan); and some popular hybrid musics (Indonesian Keronchong, Thai Phleng Luk Krung).

Sulh Presents: “Visions of Southeast Asian Music”
Ogle Center – Stiefler Recital Hall
New Albany, IN

Sunday 3:00pm
May 26, 2019

Sulh Ensemble
Jon Silpayamanant – artistic director

Zoe Blackwell – flute/suling/khlui, accordion
Isabella Christensen, Jamie Colvin – violin, SE Asian fiddles
Chelsea Getty – cello, SE Asian fiddles
Megan McIntosh – Oud/Gambus, percussion
Roxell Karr – percussion, Geo-Shred
Markos Miller, Helen Holifield – percussion, ching
Jon Silpayamanant – vocals, saw-u, saw-duang, percussion

Author: Sulh Ensemble

Sulh Ensemble is a group that plays intercultural music from the Silk Road, South and Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and new compositions for ethnic ensembles based in the Greater Louisville/Kentuckiana region. Through concerts, collaborations, and outreach with dancers, composers, and musicians the group is constantly exploring global music genres. Many of the musicians of Sulh are active as teachers, producers, advocates, and practitioners of the arts of many music and dance traditions from around the world.