Raqs Maqom: Music and Dances of Central Asia

Sulh Ensemble and the Crescent Moon Dance Company are collectively known as Raqs Maqom, a project which focuses on performing music and dance from Central Asia, the Silk Road, and the Middle East. Using traditional, as well as modern, instruments with traditional costumes Raqs Maqom presents unique programs focusing on a variety of traditional and classical dance and music.

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Author: Sulh Ensemble

Sulh Ensemble is a group that plays intercultural music from the Silk Road, South and Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and new compositions for ethnic ensembles based in the Greater Louisville/Kentuckiana region. Through concerts, collaborations, and outreach with dancers, composers, and musicians the group is constantly exploring global music genres. Many of the musicians of Sulh are active as teachers, producers, advocates, and practitioners of the arts of many music and dance traditions from around the world.

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